Maroon 5's 'In Your Pocket': Is Your Girlfriend Cheating On You?

Maroon 5 performing in June 2014.
Maroon 5's song "In Your Pocket" may make you paranoid about phones

One of Maroon 5's newest songs "In Your Pocket", a cut from their latest album V, will make you paranoid the next time you see your boyfriend or girlfriend on their cell phone.

Maroon 5 has songs about lying and cheating girls, but never have they made the core idea of a song about a girl who's on their phone too much to the point of suspicion where they're possibly cheating on you. The song's lyrics spring off with "So why you spying on me for, me for / Tell me what you're looking for / This shit you're saying is so low, so low / No love, no love, no no." The track gets more intense when the lyrics continue with "So wait you think that I don't know what this is really all about / It should be really easy / If you have nothing to hide / Show me that phone in your pocket girl / Show me that phone in your pocket" and "I can't believe you looked me in the eye / And said to me had nothing to hide, yeah / Now you're dead to me, this really is goodbye."

Listen to "In Your Pocket" below:

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