Maroon 5's 'Sex And Candy' Is The Only 'Songs About Jane' Sounding Song On 'V'

Maroon 5.
Maroon 5's soulful cover of "Sex and Candy" will take you back to 2002

Maroon 5's upcoming fifth album, titled V, is set to drop next week and with much anticipation, iTunes Radio decided to stream the entire album today.

One of Maroon 5's extra sexy-and-smooth bonus tracks is a classic cover of alternative rock legends Marcy Playground's 1990's hit single "Sex and Candy," a cut from their self-titled album and it's the only thing on V, unfortunately, that will take you back to the good 'ole Songs About Jane days. For long-time fans (we're talking about pre-2011), the album's overall sonic range from 80's inspired pop to 90's revolutionary-influenced R&B and new jack swing sound didn't sit well with some of them. Even though album's producer list is similar to that of the band's previous studio album, Overexposed (which dropped in June of 2012), and has it's heavy hand in synthesizers and 808 drum beats, it doesn't sound like much of the band's fourth album. At all. It's pop, but not as commercially produced as Overexposed. Songs "It Was Always You", "Unkiss Me", "In Your Pocket", and even "Feelings" has much dance-pop oriented sounds in them, but wouldn't seem to fit well on top 40 or pop radio, but only because they have their own originality about them. Levine had a heavy hand in penning lyrics this time around and keyboardist and returning member Jesse Carmichael was credited as the album's executive producer which made this album extra new-sounding and fresh to the ears of eager fans.

Personal favorites include "Sugar", an extra-spectacular tune written by Levine and DJ Ammo and Cirkut that sounds like a sister-song to Prince's "I Wanna Be Your Lover", "Feelings" which is "Moves Like Jagger" revamped-and-retouched with a sexy guitar lick,  and "Animals", a solid powerhouse pop rock song in which its lyrics are comfortably awkward and easy to sing along to.

Listen to Maroon 5's new album, V, on iTunes Radio:

Listen to Maroon 5's cover of "Sex and Candy" below:


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