5 Reasons Why Maroon 5 Should Play Super Bowl Halftime

Maroon 5 performing live.
The Adam Levine-led group would dominate the SuperBowl Half Time Show in 2015

After last year's explosive and fiery performance by one of today's most talented pop musicians Bruno Mars and funk rock group Red Hot Chili Pepper, it's no doubt that Los Angeles-based group Maroon 5 can bring their funk-meets-dance sound to the XLIX SuperBowl Halftime Show at next year's football showdown on February 1, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona.

Here are the 5 reasons...

1. Dance anthems

If it's one thing we know about Maroon 5, it is that they are great at making an anthemic dance-floor, 4 on the floor, electro-pop hit sound like a hard-hitting true rock 'n roll anthem. The band's live spin on last year's top 10 single "Love Somebody", taken from one of the band's poppiest records to date, could easily be mistaken for an 80's arena rock tune when performed live (the right way). For example, take a look at their performance of "Love Somebody" live on their Overexposed Tour visit in Montreal.

2. Rock anthems

As poppy as they seem to be nowadays, the Grammy-Award winning band has been credited to be a true rock band by many, as specially back in the day. Their Songs About Jane hits "This Love" and "Harder to Breathe" could easily make the Super Bowl Halftime's highlights with their incredibly catchy hooks, heavy guitars, and funkadelic vibes. And while other proclaimed Maroon 5 hits like "Hands All Over" and "One More Night" have rock elements in them, it would go well following up the Chili Peppers' performance from last year's halftime show.

3. They've got the "Moves Like Jagger"

OK. "Moves Like Jagger" may be every man over the age of 30's biggest nightmare of a song, however it seems like it is easily today's generation's "Don't Stop Believin'" or "We Are the Champions." It is also in ode of one of the biggest rock 'n roll vocalists in rock history, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones (2006's SuperBowl Halftime performs). "Jagger" stormed the charts in 2011 leaping to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 weeks and one of the best-selling singles in music. It would be such an amazing closer to what would be their insane medley of performances and even would be a great opportunity for a special surprise guest from the track's featured artist, Christina Aguilera, which brings us to our next reason.

2. Great opportunity for surprises...

Can you imagine Maroon 5 performing "Moves Like Jagger" and out comes pop diva and legendary singer/actress/performer Christina Aguilera to sing her part? What a mind-blowing performance that'd be. And since Bruno Mars was accompanied by the Red Hot Chili Peppers at last year's festivities, maybe Prince and The Revolution can join M5 on the SuperBowl Halftime stage.

1. Altogether great live band!

They're amazing live! Easy as that. They've been touring for over 15 years, sold million of albums worldwide and have sold out dozens and dozens of arenas and amphitheaters throughout the entire planet. It'd almost be stupid not to have Maroon 5 rock the SuperBowl Halftime show.

What do you think? Should Maroon 5 perform at the XLIX Super Bowl HalfTime concert next February?

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