Adam Levine Stalks Behati In New 'Animals' Video

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine portrayed in the "Animals" video.
Adam Levine preys on wife Behati Prinsloo in Maroon 5's "Animals"

Maroon 5 premiered their new video for "Animals", the second single cut from the band's latest album V, earlier today on video outlets YouTube and Vevo. And it is nothing short of eerie and amazing.

Frontman Adam Levine played a character fans have never seen the Sexiest Man Alive play before, which is a level 10 stalker. Levine spends his days wandering around his meat locker chock full of decapitated cows and mutilated animals, taking blood baths, and snapping photographs of a mysterious woman, in which is played by wife Behati Prinsloo, around a small suburban town. Levine, who presumably works at a meet market, catches Prinsloo's eyes behind the register and eventually garners a strong interest in her. Following her to night clubs and bars, he approaches her in hopes to fulfill his fantasies of sex with her. After many trail and errors, Levine let's us inside his mind which shows a nude Levine and Prinsloo making love and getting Carrie'd (see what I mean here) by a bucketful of blood whilst making out.

Maroon 5's new music video for "Animals" is set to premiere on E! News tonight before the airing of The Voice at 8/7pm CPT on NBC!

Watch the "Animals" music video below:


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