Maroon 5 on Greatest Hits Album, Hiatus & Collaborations

Adam, Jesse, and James from Maroon 5.
Adam and James talked about the new Maroon 5 record, working with Nate & Gwen, and their Greatest Hits CD

A greatest hits album is in the works in the world of Maroon 5.

Also, Adam really needs a break from Maroon 5. Really bad.

In an exclusive interview with Rob Copsey of the Official Charts Company (OCC), Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and guitarist James Valentine sat down and had a somewhat intimate conversation about Maroon 5's future direction as a whole, working with Nate Ruess and Gwen Stefani on their new album, V, and working on a greatest hits CD set for a 2015/2016 release. But first off, is Maroon 5 headed for a hiatus?

It's painful to watch your favorite band say they will possibly be stepping away from the studio and road for a some years to pursue their own lives as people rather than rock stars, but it is something that has been common in the music industry with bands. Thus far this year, we've seen pop act Metro Station, punk band Basement, hip-hop duo OutKast, and even Pink Floyd return to the spotlight from very long hiatuses. Are Maroon 5 headed for a hiatus themselves?

In the interview, when asked "How many more Maroon 5 albums do you have left?", Adam responded stating: “Five albums in, I think it’s important to take stock for a while. To have the success we’ve had, we’re the luckiest motherfuckers on the planet." Adam continued by saying “[...] we’re flirting with the idea of taking some of time off. We’ve always been thinking about the next album and tour for ten years. We’re not going anywhere and we’re not going to disband, but after this album we’ll have a conversation and think about what the next move is.”

Levine also confirmed that Maroon 5 are starting to work on a long-overdue greatest hits album: "It's in the works actually." James Valentine hinted back in 2012 that Maroon 5 is due for a greatest hits CD sometime following "our fourth or fifth album for sure."

But, fans are beaming, and will still be beaming, over the new Maroon 5 record, V, which dropped earlier this month (Tues, Sept. 2) and dominated the Billboard 200 chart peaking atop the tally, scoring themselves their second No. 1 album since 2007's It Won't Be Soon Before Long. And in support of the album, fans can look forward to the highly anticipated 2015 Maroon 5 World Tour, with MAGIC! and Rozzi Crane, beginning in February of next year. Also, things we can look forward to are the "Animals" music video, which is said to be the most talked about music video of the year, The Voice, in which premieres this Monday, September 22, and Maroon 5's return to Saturday Night Live on October 4 next month.

Watch The Voice season 7 promo below:

Check out the full interview at OCC's website below:

Get Maroon 5's new album, V online and in stores today! Head to for more details!

See Maroon 5 on their 2015 World Tour with MAGIC! and Rozzi Crane next year! See tour dates & ticket information here:


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