Maroon 5 Scores 3 Billboard Hot 100 Hits

Maroon 5 performing in June 2014.
Maroon 5 produced 3 top 100 singles on the Hot 100 this week with "Animals", "IWAY", and "Maps"

Maroon 5 looks to be dominating this week's top 100 slots on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart this week. With the top 10 hit single "Maps", the lead single off of the band's new album, V, moving up from 14-11 this week, "Animals" sliding up from 86-54, and "It Was Always You" making a return to the tally at No. 95 (previously peaking at No. 45 two weeks ago), this is the band's first time scoring 3 top 100 singles at the same time on the chart since 2012 when "Moves Like Jagger", "Payphone", and "One More Night" were scattered throughout the top-one-hundred.

In other news, Maroon 5's newest single "Animals" makes a debut on the Billboard On-Demand Songs chart at No. 37 this week, scoring themselves two top 50 On-Demand Songs this week with "Maps" (falling from 13-17).

Maroon 5's debut album, Songs About Jane, is also seen making a rebound this week on the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart re-entering at No. 137 on the tally. The album has previously peaked at No. 6 on the top 200 back in 2003, after being re-released to A&M Records.

Maroon 5's current hit single, "Maps", slides it's way back up the Hot 100 moving up 14-11, stays put at No. 12 on the Adult Contemporary Songs chart, slides up 3-2 on the Adult Pop Songs chart, falls 1-3 (after 2 week reign at No. 1) on the Canadian Hot 100, ascends 19-15 on the Dance/Mix Show Airplay Songs chart, re-enters the top 10 on the Digital Songs chart moving up 12-9 (previously peaking at No. 3), slides up 83-82 on the Japan Hot 100, stays put at No. 4 on the Pop Songs chart, and doesn't move on the Radio Songs chart at No. 5.

Maroon 5 released their fifth studio effort, V, earlier this week including "Maps" and "Animals", which you can purchase at Walmart and download on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Also, you can stream V entirely for free on Spotify (download Spotify here).

According to Billboard, Maroon 5 is set to score their 2nd No. 1 album with V next week with forecasters predicting it to sell just over 150,000 copies this week, mainly through iTunes and Amazon.

Chart Update:

Hot 100: "Maps" moves up 14-11 / "Animals" moves up 86-54 / "It Was Always You" jumps to 95 (previously peaking at No. 45)

Adult Contemporary Songs: "Maps" stays put at No. 12

Adult Pop Songs: "Maps" slides up 3-2

Canadian Hot 100: "Maps" falls 1-3

Billboard 200: Songs About Jane rebounds to No. 137

Dance/Mix Show Airplay: "Maps" ascends 19-15

Digital Songs: "Maps" moves up 12-9 (peaking at No. 3)

Japan Hot 100: "Maps" slides up 83-82

On-Demand Songs: "Maps" falls 13-17 / "Animals" debuts at No. 37

Pop Songs: "Maps" stays put at No. 4

Radio Songs: "Maps" stays put at No. 5


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