Hardcore Band Our Last Night Cover's Maroon 5's 'Maps'

Maroon 5 (left) and Our Last Night (right).
Our Last Night puts a post-hardcore spin on Maroon 5's top 10 hit "Maps"

One of the most popular hardcore bands in rock, Our Last Night, published a cover of Maroon 5's hit single "Maps" earlier today (Wed, Oct. 8) on YouTube.

As interesting as hardcore and metal covers of pop songs are - Our Last Night aren't the only punk rockers to put their own spin on "Maps." Metal singer Brain Storm covered "Maps" back in June with guitarist Andrew Baena, which featured more growls and screams in their version, unlike Our Last Night's cover which was mainly recorded with clean vocals. Last month, melodic hardcore band Abolish the Echelon covered "Maps" with a more guitar-centric sound including hard rock 80's-inspired guitar solos and even with stronger clean vocals. But let's not forget one of the more popular rock covers of "Maps" done by electro-rock band IFMENOT that was published back in July, where they put a Breathe Carolina-esque spin on their version with whiny, auto tuned vocals and intense synth riffs.

Just to give you readers an overview of how popular Our Last Night is, the band has toured with big post-hardcore named like The Devil Wears Prada and Sleeping with Sirens. IMO, New Hampshire punk rockers Our Last Night take home the trophy for the best rock-centric cover of Maroon 5's international hit, "Maps."

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Watch Our Last Night's cover of "Maps" below:


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