Adam Levine Speaks About Spotify Vs. Taylor Swift Epidemic

Taylor Swift on the left, Adam Levine on the right.
Adam Levine had some food for thought on the recent T-Swift Vs. Spotify buzz

Adam Levine, along with the other The Voice coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell Williams, sat down and talked with BuzzFeed on a live streaming interview special on Facebook earlier today (Mon, Nov. 17), and covered several topics including the recent news about Spotify's trouble with country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift.

When asked what the coaches' opinions were on the topic of Taylor Swift's label ripping her catalog completely off of free streaming service Spotify last month, the Maroon 5 front man had a few words to say. “Music is for everyone,” Levine said. “I don’t care how anybody obtains it as long as they get it and enjoy and love it.” He added that as long as the consumer is “supporting the artist in some way,” they should be able to access music how they choose. “Music should be able to be wherever it is,” he said. “That’s how I feel.”

Although what Levine said was more of an off topic, indirect answer to the question, it was informal and obtained as a positive outlook on the music industry versus real artistry. 

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