Gawker Wants Adam Levine Off 'The Voice'

Adam Levine on The Voice.
What would you do if Adam Levine wasn't on The Voice's judging panel anymore?

Last night's debut live episode of The Voice of the season has upset some people, more specifically Gawker, and mainly because of coach Adam Levine.

Earlier today, gossip and news website Gawker posted an article that set off 'Voice' fans, Maroon 5 fans, and Adam Levine fans alike. The post was simply titled "What Number Do We Call To Get Adam Levine Off The Voice?" And this upset viewers. A lot. 

The article, edited and written by publisher Tracie Potochnik, was descriptive and very informative in describing how badly Adam Levine is apparently wrecking the show's credibility. "We've reached the Live Rounds of The Voice," the article starts off. "...and if this show is A) as committed to democracy as it claims to be; B) going to start off the episode with a performance of Maroon 5's new single, then it is our constitutional right to be afforded a mechanism by which to eliminate Adam Levine. Maybe that's what the app is for?" 

The article later, then, started listing off a few "convincing" reasons as to why the Maroon 5 front man should be eliminated from The Voice's start-studded judging panel, in the form of a small and simple list. "1. Those pants." If Levine's wardrobe offends you, and not Pharrell Williams' strange looking jacket and hat he wore on last night's Live Rounds episode, then I personally think you're a tad deranged. "2. Also everything else." Very convincing, Gawker... The article later insists that Levine often gives "legit advice" and only did good by bringing Fleetwood Mac front woman Stevie Nicks onto the show's guest list as an advisor, but for Team Adam. Gawker went on to explain how the best performance of the night on last night's debut Voice Playoffs episode was Team Adam's very own Damien, who sung "I'm Not the Only One", the latest from Sam Smith's catalog. Ok. Without Adam Levine, Damien probably wouldn't have made it this far on the season.

What do other critics and viewers think of Adam Levine's presence on the NBC hit television show? Gossip magazine website Hollywood Life reported that "Damien easily stole the night with a standing ovation thanks for the incredible [Adam Levine]" and said that they enjoyed the "super sexy performance from Adam Levine [...] and Maroon 5." PennLive reported "Levine gave a mighty howl that sent shivers up the spines of many." And People magazine spoke out and said "There's a damn good reason we gave Mr. Levine the Sexiest Man Alive title." 

Plus, Adam Levine is scheduled to return as coach for the show's 8th season starting next February! 

What do you think of Adam Levine's role as a coach on The Voice? Do you think it's fraying away? Or is he at his strongest this season? Let us know in the comments or Tweet us @M5NewsRoom!

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Watch Maroon 5 perform "Animals" live on The Voice below:


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