Maroon 5 Wants Fans to Sing 'Sugar' For New Music Video

Maroon 5 attending the 2014 MTV VMA's.
Maroon 5 calls out to fans to participate in the new "Sugar" music video

Throughout the last week, we have seen numerous leaked photos from behind-the-scenes of Maroon 5's highly anticipated next single "Sugar", in which include the members of the band dressed up nicely in suits-and-ties and driving fancy convertibles around download Los Angeles. Now, today, the band took it to Twitter to announce a new campaign involving fans to participate in the "Sugar" video.

Maroon 5 signed a partnership deal with the app JamCam, an app where you can record yourself lip-syncing to your favorite song, so fans alike can record themselves singing "Sugar" on camera. Similar to the band's "Daylight" campaign in 2012, you would then submit yourself lip-syncing "Sugar" to the band via JamCam and you might get a brief cameo in the music video for the catchy hit.

To sign up and submit yourself to be in Maroon 5's upcoming music video for "Sugar", you would download JamCam on the iTunes Store, then you would shoot yourself singing "Sugar" on camera, and then share and submit by publishing it using hashtag #SugarJams. Make sure you share this video on the app as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine to better your chances of being in the video.

View the information from Maroon 5's official Twitter below:
Watch Maroon 5's fan-centric music video for "Daylight" below:


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