5 Things to Expect For Maroon 5's Sugar Music Video

The official "Sugar" single cover.
5 things we can expect from Maroon 5's new music video for "Sugar"

We don't know exactly when, but it's coming.

The new music video from Maroon 5 for their single "Sugar" is sure to be a topic for conversation on Twitter and Tumblr for weeks and weeks to come, however, provably won't be as much of a hot-button issue topic like the "Animals" video was, attracting the attention of sexual assault groups worldwide. For what we expect from the "Sugar" video is no blood or sex scenes (that we know of) at all. But, here's what we do already know.

Here's a list of 5 things we can expect from the Maroon 5 "Sugar" music video.

5. Maroon 5 guys dressed dapper in suits

In early December, we began seeing first looks through leaked photos from news outlets of the new music video for "Sugar." Some photos demonstrated all of the band members, and I mean ALL of the members, dressed dapper in fancy suits and bow ties. Levine especially looking rather dashing in his tight suit and sunglasses. Other photos that leaked last month portrayed the band standing or sitting in a fancy car, in which we later found out Adam would be driving in the music video.

4. Adam's notorious driving

Further down the line, outlets such as Entertainment Tonight and JustJared proved to us and fans that Adam and the guys were for surely driving in the music video. Up and down the streets of Los Angeles, we'll be seeing Adam taking the wheel whilst guitarist James Valentine, bassist Mickey Madden, and guitarist Jesse Carmichael sitting backseat and shotgun. But how many times have we seen Levine driving in Maroon 5 videos? Lots. He's seen driving in "She Will Be Loved" and "Wake Up Call." Then years later, we see him carjacking rapper Wiz Khalifa's car from in front of a fancy 5 star hotel and later demolishes it running from the L.A. police. Don't forget that scene in "Maps" when he drunkenly drives up to the hospital.

3. Maroon 5 to turn into a wedding-crasher squad

So, a rather awesome clip showed up online a few weeks ago of the band making a surprise appearance at someone's actual wedding reception to which a giant sheet hid them and later was pulled away, revealing the band performing the new song "Sugar" to a room full of the family and the friends of the newly wedded couple. Amazing. Watch the clip here. We are surely expecting to see it in the new video.

2. A sexy performance

Along with Maroon 5's surprise performance from the wedding reception they ACTUALLY crashed for the music video, there may be a special performance from the band seperetly in the video, to which we hope will display them ever-so-perfectly in their suits and ties.

1. Lots of celebration

Confetti. Food. Screaming. Singing. And some wedding cake. Expect it.

All we know is that the music video is more than likely going to premiere online on YouTube and Vevo sometime by the end of January or at the latest, in early February. The music video's director has yet to be known.

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