Not Everything About the New Maroon 5 Video Is Fake

A screenshot of Adam Levine in the "Sugar" video.
The footage behind Maroon 5's "Sugar" video is being deemed "fake" and "staged"

If you're social media savvy and keep tabs on Maroon 5 and Adam Levine, there's no denying that you've seen a headline (or twelve) about the new music video for "Sugar" being staged and faked.

Last week, upon the music video's premiere online, the video's director David Dobkin talked with press over at VH1 and Vh1 Online about the story and shooting behind the exciting video, and proves that not all of it was staged or "pre-thought" out.

Dobkin on approaching Adam with the "Sugar" plot:
We were bouncing around some ideas and I knew I wanted it to be about his connection with his audience. That was important. I wanted elements of real people and L.A., a hometown thing with driving and a lot of movement and some dancing. Then the idea came up of, what if they went to real weddings and showed up as the surprise wedding band? He loved that idea. And look, for 10 years everyone asks me to do something related to that movie. (laughter) I’ve never wanted to go back there, just because it’s something that worked so well. But we locked in on this idea and thought it would be great. And then it was like, holy shit, how do we pull this off?

Dobkin on who knew about the surprise Maroon 5 appearances:

It was pretty intense. I was like, nobody can know, but then I realized, one person is going to have to know. I didn’t want the brides to know so we talked to the grooms. Until the week before, the groom didn’t even know who the band was.  We said, this is a Grammy award winning top 10 band. We’re coming to your wedding and here’s how it’s going to work. I realized there had to be a reveal. That moment of recognition, that’s the juice. So I need them to be behind a curtain and the curtain drops and it reveals them. I had to design and build this thing that was like a pop-up tent and then you could press a button and the curtain drops. It sounds simple but it took us the better part of a month to figure it out. It was just a nightmare. Then I got to all the wedding planners around L.A. and had to go to all the venues to see how we could infiltrate them without anyone knowing. There was only going to be a 20 minute window for us to sneak in, pop up the tent, and get the band in without anyone noticing them. I had 6 cameras set up and dressed as if they were in the wedding. You really only have one shot at this. It ended up being 7 or 8 weddings, all in one day, some day, some night.

Dobkin on working with Adam and Maroon 5:

This is the most fun I have ever had on anything, ever, as a filmmaker. Part of it was working with Adam and part of it was because it was a ballsy concept and it paid off. I really love surprises. I always loved working on music videos actually. I did a lot of the videos back in the early part of my career but this is the first one I’ve done in over 15 years.  I’m a musician and I love music and I would love to do more of them.

For the full interview, click on the link below:

Watch the music video for "Sugar" below:


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