Top 4 Most Controversial Maroon 5 Music Videos

Stills from "Sugar" (left) and "Animals."
The Top 4 most talked about and controversial Maroon 5 MV's counted down

Maroon 5 has released 25 music videos over the past decade and a half and it's easy to say that a good majority of them are definitely ones you will walk away either astonished or amazed. From the underrated cuts such as "Goodnight Goodnight", "Give a Little More", and "Hands All Over" to some of the most viewed videos in pop culture such as the cop-chasing video for "Payphone" and the steamy and bloody video for "Animals", Maroon 5 is known for dropping a trending topic on the world with a single release of a video.

With the recent news about the band's newest music video for "Sugar", a disco-pop-funk tune similar to that of Prince's hits and other late 70's disco anthems, and the controversy behind it, I was inspired to make a list of the top 4 most controversial and most-talked about Maroon 5 music videos of all time.

Here we go.

4. "This Love", from the album Songs About Jane (2002), directed by Sophie Muller

Just as Maroon 5 was becoming a well known name in pop culture and on top-forty radio, the guys released the steamy and playful music video for the Songs About Jane cut, "This Love", the second single following the L.A. group's debut hit "Harder to Breathe." "This Love" blew the band up in terms of success and the music video is most definitely, to date, one of the band's more sexual videos. The video's director Sophie Muller, who also directed and co-wrote the treatment for the smash hit "She Will Be Loved", came up with the idea of frontman Adam Levine making love in silky sheets in the video with his IRL girlfriend, at the time, Kelly McKee, who was more than happy to join Levine in "a few intimate scenes." But the video wasn't all that praised and liked by critics, in fact, editor Sylvia Patterson of The Daily Telegraph described the video as a "pornographic pop video" that shouldn't show itself on video channels such as MTV or Palladia. But "This Love" was just the beginning of the long train of controversial Maroon 5 videos.

3. "Moves Like Jagger", from Hands All Over (2011), directed by Jonas Ã…kerlund

2011's hottest music video "Moves Like Jagger" was incredibly sexy and goofy to say the least. However, not everyone enjoyed looking at Adam's hot, tattoo-covered upper torso or Aguilera's sleak appearance. Some critics judged the video for it's shallow and inappropriate appreciation for the Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger, thinking that Maroon 5 and the team behind the video were pushing for more sex appeal (nip slips and sexy dancing) rather than displaying the idea and legend of Jagger. Note that the song was a turning point in Maroon 5's career and was considered risky business for the band, for it was the first record that the band had worked with outside producers and writers, and also pushed Maroon 5 towards a more dance-pop and radio-friendly sound following the release of their funk-and-soul inspired third studio effort, Hands All Over, which was considered "a flop" to some. In the video's defense, it showed much archival footage of Jagger's career being in the Stones and performing.

2. "Sugar", from V (2014), directed by David Dobkin

Ah, now we're onto everyone's favorite disco tune of 2015. "Sugar" is currently serving as Maroon 5's third radio hit from their recent studio album, V, which dropped last September. The music video follows-up the controversial video for "Animals", which we'll get to later on in the countdown. Anyways, "Sugar" is one of Maroon 5's more laid-back and fun music videos that simply puts a smile on your face. The music video features the band driving around Los Angeles crashing weddings and wedding receptions with a sneaky performance of "Sugar." Now, the first few days of the video's premiere garnered the attention positively from music and wedding lovers alike. However, a week following the video's surfacing online, some people skeptisized the video's reality and didn't believe that Adam Levine and co. were really crashing weddings. In fact, gossip website Cosmopolitan wrote an entire lengthy article debunking the plot behind The Wedding Crashers-themed video. The article points out that their are, in fact, some actors and semi-famous people "planted" throughout the different weddings in the video. The article actually points out that former America's Next Top Model alum Raina Hein was hired to be a bride in the video and was told to "act surprised" whilst Maroon 5 performing the hit after the dropping of the curtain. Other low-key actors were exposed in the video including Eric Satterberg, Nico Evers-Swindell and wife Megan Ferguson. But fans don't seem to mind the controversy. At all. Some fans simply enjoy the video for the joy and smiles it brings to people's faces. The video will most definitely make you wish "wow, I want Maroon 5 to crash my wedding!"

1. "Animals", from V (2014), directed by Samuel Bayer

Where do we begin with the ever so gruesome and stalker-ish video for "Animals"? People claimed Maroon 5 was praising the idea of stalker-y relationships, glamorizing sexual abuse and violence, and even dehumanizing women. The video stars Levine and his real life wife and Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo as the leading lady who is presumably stalked by Adam throughout the video and is shown following her down streets and alleyways, standing outside her house with a camera in the pouring rain, and shuffling through photos of her in a red room as if Levine were some slick detective. The video even sparked some controversy with animal cruelty groups due to scenes in the video including Adam swinging from meet and pouring buckets of blood on him (and his lover). The Guardian wrote an entire article depicting the "terrifying" video naming the video "How to Terrify Women." The Independent also wrote a controversial article about the video, freaking out over the fact that Levine is seen "breaking into a women's home and lying next to her while she is sleeping in her bed."

Do you agree with our countdown of the most controversial music video by Maroon 5? What videos do you think are the most controversial or shouldn't be deemed controversial or bad at all? Share with us on Twitter @m5NewsRoom!


  1. Sugar definitely should not be deemed controversial or bad at all. I have watched it more times than I care to admit before and after the controversary and it stills puts a big smile on my face every time I watch "Sugar" Everybody Needs A Little Sweetness In Their Life Sugar Yes Please.


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