5 Songs We Wish Maroon 5 Played On The World Tour

Photo by Travis Schneider.
"The Sun" was an insanely-funky jam live and so was "Stutter"

Everyone's favorite pop and rock outfit from Los Angeles began their worldwide trek about a month ago on the 2015 Maroon 5 World Tour and about 15 shows in, fans have been begging the guys to play certain songs from past albums live on the tour when they come visit their nearby city or venue. So I thought I would add up all of the most demanded Maroon 5 songs fans want to see performed live on the tour that they haven't yet. 

So here are the Top 5 songs we wish Maroon 5 would perform live on the Maroon 5 World Tour!

(PS: We're sick of hearing "Stereo Hearts", guys!)

5. "Secret", from the album Songs About Jane (2002)

Kicking off this countdown is a rather jazzy and bluesy, eerie hit from Maroon 5's massive debut Songs About Jane, released in 2002. "Secret" features an intro that would give you goosebumps whenever it started playing. And live, it was one of the bands' best renditions. Over the years, Maroon 5 have slowly deteriorated from performing "deep cuts" from their earlier albums, and "Secret" fell victim rather quick. Following their massive Hands All Over World Tour in 2011, the band erased "Secret", among other SAJ tracks, from their live set lists. One thing that I personally miss from Maroon 5 performing "Secret" live was their brilliant medley's they took advantage of. Prior to the It Won't Be Soon Before Long era, M5 slipped in the Motown hit "Ain't No Sunshine" right in the middle of the bluesy "Secret." And that shows it's brilliance in the live video showcased below.

4. "Stutter", from the album Hands All Over (2010)

The fourth pick on our list of tunes we would die to hear live on the current Maroon 5 World Tour is the hit "Stutter." Although it was never a single or impacted pop radio for that matter, it was still loved by the masses and newer Maroon 5 fans definitely fell in love with the catchy and funky, piano-driven hit. Much like a lot of recently released Maroon 5 material, "Stutter" features woah-oh's and yeah-yeah's throughout it's entirety without becoming too much of an annoyance.

3. "How", from the album Hands All Over (2010)

Even though our third pick for our most wanted list of Maroon 5 songs fans would like to hear live was never really performed live on any Maroon 5 tours prior to this one, it definitely is favorited by many M-A-N-Y fans. "How", a lengthy piano ballad serving as the eighth track on the band's third album Hands All Over, seems to pull the heartstrings. It could've passed for a hit single following the albums' release in September 2010 on pop radio, rather than it's second single "Give A Little More", however it seems like "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" made up for that mistake.

2. "Unkiss Me", from the album V (2014)

"Unkiss Me" is a fan favorite off of the band's latest studio album, V, which just dropped last Fall, among others. That's why it is our second most wanted pick on our list. It's a catchy synth-filled pop tune with R&B and soul influences that showcases Adam Levine's vocals perfectly. Much like "How", our third pick, "Unkiss Me" has never been performed live, yet, ever. So it'd be nice to see if they would swap out "Lost Stars" or "Stereo Hearts" on the current World Tour set list and replace it with this hit or maybe at LEAST add it to the encore part of the set list.

1. "The Sun", from the album Songs About Jane (2002)

"The Sun" is undoubtedly (...and arguably) the best song showcased on Maroon 5's debut studio effort, Songs About Jane, and sums up the band's earlier funk and soul-meets-pop and rock style and sound. "The Sun" is definitely a fan favorite among hundreds of thousands, and why Maroon 5 pulled it from set lists on tours following their Overexposed European Tour a year ago is beyond me.

What do you think of our list? Do you agree or disagree? Do you think other songs should be on the list? Share with us on Twitter @M5NewsRoom or comment below.

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  1. Ragdoll would be really killer if they did it.

  2. Runaway and new love as well! They're my absolute favourite

  3. How would be the "one-and-only" choice. I wished they could open their minds and play something better like "Leaving California", "Coming Back For You" from the new album and "Goodnight Goodnight", "Not Falling Apart", "Just A Feeling", "Runaway", "The Air That I Breathe", "The Way I Was" and tons more from the past. They should really do a no-profit, uncommercial tour to please TRUE fans and play those they never did live. This would be lightyears better than a new album.


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