PJ Morton Releases New Single, 'Claustrophobic'

PJ Morton performing on the 2013 Honda Civic Tour.
The Maroon 5 keyboardist shows his passion for R&B in his new single

"PJ, you're not mainstream enough. Would you consider changing some stuff?", the new PJ Morton song begins with...

Last week, Maroon 5 keyboardist and songwriter PJ Morton released his new solo single titled "Claustrophobic" to iTunes through Morton Records. It follows-up his previous release of "Only One", featuring soul legend Stevie Wonder, released back in 2013.

Morton posted a statement along with the release of "Claustrophobic" stating: 
“This is for everyone who wants to be exactly who they are and not who other people want them to be… for artistic and creative freedom.”

The song focuses on the struggles behind being under a contract for a major label and management and his lack of creative freedom he feels he doesn't have. Throughout the song's entirety, you can hear different styles of music including soul, jazz, piano-jazz, and rhythm and blues.

You can listen to "Claustrophobic" below:

See PJ Morton on tour:

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Watch PJ Morton's music video for "Only One", featuring Stevie Wonder:


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