'Sugar' Is Almost Maroon 5's Most Popular Music Video Of All Time

Maroon 5 performing on the 2015 North American World Tour.
Maroon 5's "Sugar" video surpassed "Jagger", "She Will Be Loved", and "Payphone" is views

Earlier this week, the Internet brought itself the attention that Maroon 5's latest music video for their single "Sugar" - the third official radio single from the album V - had reached over 300,000,000 views on their official YouTube and Vevo pages. Incredible!

However, by no means does that make the video for "Sugar" the band's most popular or viewed music video thus far in their career. In fact, only one video in their videography is holding "Sugar" from being their highest-viewed tier. And that's "One More Night." "Night"'s video premiered on June 25 of 2012 in the dawn of the release of Maroon 5's fourth studio effort, Overexposed. Since it's premiere, to date, the video has received approximately 363,596,877 views in total. Currently, "Sugar" has approximately 307,686,187 views in total.

Here's a list of Maroon 5's most popular videos by views:
1. "One More Night" (363,596,877 views)
2. "Sugar" (307,686,187 views)
3. "Moves Like Jagger" (285,678,448 views)
4. "She Will Be Loved" (203,451,160 views)
5. "Payphone" (197,269,985 views)
6. "Misery" (186,649,592 views)
7. "Animals" (142,149,272 views)
8. "Maps" (141,751,749 views)
9. "Makes Me Wonder" (74,891,470 views)
10. "Love Somebody" (70,604,273 views)
11. "Won't Go Home Without You" (65,189,272 views)
12. "Sunday Morning" (60,136,505 views)
13. "If I Never See Your Face Again" (58,943,214 views)
14. "This Love" (58,493,082 views)
15. "Never Gonna Leave This Bed (53,063,847 views)
16. "Wake Up Call" (42,778,861 views)
17. "Goodnight Goodnight" (37,334,957 views)
18. "Harder to Breathe" (22,000,227 views)
19. "Give A Little More" (18,240,089 views)
20. "Daylight" (17,556,557 views)
21. "Daylight (Playing For Change)" (14,052,467 views)
22. "Runaway" (9,630,317 views)
23. "Hands All Over" (5,421,589 views)
24. "Lost Stars" (4,416,917 views)
25. "Payphone (Live on Letterman)" (4,317,490 views)

Maroon 5 recently concluded the North American leg of their World Tour with MAGIC! and Rozzi Crane. Want to see them this summer in Europe and U.K? Ticket information is here: www.maroon5.com/maroonvtour/

Watch Maroon 5's "Sugar" below now:


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