These Lyrics to 'This Summer's Gonna Hurt' Are Broken Down and Redefined

Maroon 5 in 2014.
"This Summer's Gonna Hurt" is broken down for you

Last week, Maroon 5 released their new single from the renewed edition of their fifth album V, which was reissued this week, titled "This Summer's Gonna Hurt" (..."This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf**cker" on the album version), and it's easily the catchiest hit of the year, thus far, and is sure to take over pop radio station across the planet this summer. But it was obvious that upon it's release fans were not a fan in particularly of the new single's lyrical content at all, singling out the song for bashing women and ditzy California girls and some even went as far as to call it anti-feministic. 

So, with the help of, I'm breaking down "This Summer's Gonna Hurt" and it's lyrics to further help reason why the song is really not all that horrible and is actually a genius summer song.

Now before we get started, the song was not written by the members of Maroon 5 directly, however was written by frontman Adam Levine and the song's core producer Shellback. With that said, let's start from the beginning.

"This summer's gonna hurt like a motherfu**er": This opening line to the song's chorus is just simply stating that Levine is predicting future heartache. He predicts that him and his lover will not be a couple by summer's end due to the fact that their personalities waver and are a fault in their relationship: He's down-to-earth and she just cares about fame, fortune, and glamour. As said on, "The summer heat will eventually kill their relationship, leaving Adam with all the painful after-effects."

And saying that something is going to hurt like a "motherf***ker" generally means it's going to really hurt.

"Her body's hot, her body's like the summer. I'm in a trance...": Adam is comparing his lover's personality, looks, and beauty to that of a California summer.

"Her mind is not, no, as sharp as all her diamonds": Although she is beautiful and sexy, Adam is using diamonds, one of the sharpest minerals, as a metaphor to explain how she's not the brightest bulb in the bunch. She is your typical, ditzy California blonde. But he loves her unconditionally.

"I see her dancing in the streets, sippin' champagne on the beach, so expensive when she eats, 'cuz she's so fancy": Adam is describing that his lover is all about the high-priced meals, drinking alcohol on the beach, and having a lot of youthful fun; calling her a "fancy" woman. Although he enjoys her company and beauty, he realizes that she's using him to get these luxurious things and it's taking a toll on him.

"I check my phone when I am weak, she never posts anything deep...": Levine is stating that she is too materialistic to post anything with substance (or anything that shows that she loves him) on her social media. As said best on, "She’s more likely to tweet about the purse she just bought than anything that would prove she had a brain."

"She wants it all, she's always takin' something, and now I'm left with nothing": She begs Adam for money and takes advantage of his wealth to go buy a hot new purse or a fancy dress. She eventually leaves him alone with little-to-no money at all and without much for himself.

"I'm rippin' off that bandage, because I just can't stand it": Levine is finally succumbing to breaking up with her because of her foolish ways. Ripping a bandage off hurts like hell temporarily, but the pain eventually subsides. Adam uses the action as a metaphor to describe how it’s much better to deal with the pain at once than to draw it out for months.

"I see her dancing on a fool, like she's 17 and cool, but it's just nasty": Adam sees that she's a flirtatious person and may dance and socialize with other men at the club, and that bothers him, which leads to him passive-aggressively calling her "nasty." He refers to her asa 17 year old because of her attitude, personality, and immaturity, despite her beauty.

"She has to have it all, chases every star, she's so popular": Adam is haunting himself with the thought of her being so popular, likable among other men, and her not appreciating what's important over what's hot in the fashion industry or what happened on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, or whatever. 

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  1. Thanks for breaking down "Summer's Gonna Hurt". I liked it the first time I heard it. I have never used the word MF and never would but it is just a song people. Love Maroon 5 and "The Sexiest Married Man Alive" Adam Levine.


    1. This song certainly won't be something I can play with the kids in the car, but I'll for sure play the explicit version for myself. I've been singing the version they sang on The Voice all day. I think sometimes new songs take time to grow on fans. I bet this one ends up being a fan favorite after a while!

  2. This new single is awesome!

    I like the verse of this song , it's wonderful.
    The chorus is cool! I have never heard the "motherfu**er" in the lyrics before , the song it's first time , really special.

    And Adam Levine's vocal is great!


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