Maroon 5 Talk 'Fortune Teller', Producing Music With Maschine

Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine.
James Valentine talks Maroon 5's evolution and the new age of production

In an interview with Native Instruments with pop rock band Maroon 5 that was published yesterday (Friday, Sept. 25), guitarist James Valentine, musician and Phantom Planet bassist Sam Farrar, and producer Noah Passovoy talked about Maroon 5's ongoing studio process and how they carry their studio sounds onto the road.

"We made records in such a traditional way which was just the five us in a room playing our instruments ,coming up with arrangements, doing it all by ourselves and that worked great for us for the better part of a decade," said Maroon 5's guitarist James Valentine as he talks about the band's long evolution. "But, we became a little restless with that process."

"You know, I'm an instrumentalist. I play guitar. I like to play things and not stare at screens," Valentine added. "I ended up gravitating towards the Maschine just because it's all right there right in front of you. Sometimes if I have an idea for something, I just want to get something down fast so that I can move on with the process of songwriting."

Check out the interview:


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