Maroon 5 will make a "super artistic" record next year

Maroon 5 in 2015.
Maroon 5 teases live tour videos on Instagram, Levine confirms Maroon 5's 6th album

It's been a wildly busy year for the guys in pop rock band Maroon 5 and it looks like they are not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

In an interview with Howard Stern yesterday morning (Tue, Oct. 27), Adam Levine spoke about a ton of topics including his show The Voice's struggle launching successful recording artists, becoming a father with wife Behati Prinsloo, and touring. However, the Maroon 5 frontman also said that the band is planning on writing a sixth album. "I really want to do it ourselves, really make a great record, super artistic record," he told Howard.

Meanwhile, the band is hinting at something, but nobody can put their fingers on exactly what. Earlier today (Wed, Oct. 28), Maroon 5's official Instagram published a video of a very indistinctive shot of palm trees with static, shock-like noises (annoyingly) playing throughout the background, and towards the end of the 10 second clip is Maroon 5's popular red 5 logo. The post was put up on Facebook and Twitter as well. But that's not all that has happened. Throughout the last couple of days, Maroon 5 has teased unanticipated and unforeseen, yet similar short clips on their official Instagram surrounding Maroon 5 performing on stage.

Several fans online are speculating that Maroon 5 is teasing their next record (already) with these strange short clips. Others are reckoning that the L.A. devotees are planning on releasing or recording a live CD/DVD (the last time Maroon 5 released a live album was in 2005 – with Live–Friday the 13th). Another obvious guess at the short clips, of course, could be the band teasing their new "Feelings" music video.


  1. More songs??
    Yes please!!!
    Won't you go and write'em down for me?
    I'm right here
    Cause I need
    A new record without Max Martin!

    Yeah you ran out of heartbreaks
    But it's alright
    You could still sing a-bout your wi-ife

    New songs? Yes please!
    Won't you go and play'em out to me?



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