Maroon 5's 'Feelings' may become a flop

"Feelings" lyric video caption.
Pop radio is just not feeling Maroon 5's new single

So, according to recent data and information released through Mediabase and CMM, Maroon 5's newest radio single, titled "Feelings", is not doing so well on pop radio in the States. If fact, the disco-dance-pop tune has the least amount of positive reception.

Take a look at the information given below, via HeadlinePlanet:
With a positive reception from 35.2% of listeners (#32 out of the 32 measured pop songs) and a negative reaction from 41.9% (highest-negative), Maroon 5’s “Feelings” actually holds the dreaded “net negative” reaction at pop radio. Its “net positive” score is -6.7; none of the other 31 pop songs featured in this week’s callout reports has a sub-zero net positive score.
The 6.7% “favorite” rating for Maroon 5’s “Feelings” is the lowest — and thus proof that the reaction to the Maroon 5 track is not simply “polarizing.” It is bad.
Familiar to 74.3% of listeners, the song can certainly achieve improved marks moving forward. However, it appears likely to end up with a particularly warm reception from pop radio listeners.

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"Feelings", produced by longtime Maroon 5 producer Shellback and Oscar Görres, serves as the fifth single off of the band's fifth studio effort, V, which was released in September 2014 and was re-issued earlier this year in May. It follows-up its previous single, "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf***er", which performed moderately poor on contemporary and pop radio worldwide (#21 on Adult Contemporary, #23 on Billboard Top Hot 100, and #40 in the United Kingdom). "Feelings", thus far, has charted at #43 on the Canadian Top 40, #29 on the Mainstream Top 40, #118 on the Billboard Hot 100, and #17 on the Adult Top 40 chart.

For more chart information on Maroon 5, click on the link below:

Listen to Maroon 5's "Feelings" below:


  1. The song sucks so why would they listen to it? I agree with their choice. SABOTAGE muahahaha.

    No seriously. It's just no Maroon5 at all.

  2. Really disappointing. I actually like the song.
    It seems kind of strange though... considering how it seemed so popular back in September. :/

  3. When V came out, I thought for sure "Unkiss Me" would be released as a single. I think it's reminiscent of M5's older stuff and is probably why it's my favorite from this album. One of Adam's strengths as a vocalist is his ability to make you really feel the passion and the pain and suffering of the character in the song. It doesn't matter if it's fictional or not. It's believable and moving. I love Maroon5 and I'm not saying I don't like their more recent work, I'm just partial to the earlier days. M5 is so great live I will always be a paid fan club member just to have access to the pit ticket!

  4. Oops! Meant to say "Paying fan club member." Not "paid." M5 does not pay me to be a fan! Lol

  5. Between making them record a calculated hit summer song and failing to promote a single that is the band's worst song anyway (yes, "Feelings"), Interscope Records has made a mess out of Maroon 5. The synth rock sound of "This Summer's Gonna Hurt" was cool and had some elements of older Maroon 5, but that chorus was atrocious and so try-hard. After that, they attempt to release the only other shallower song in the band's whole discography as a single and then don't bother to promote it. Maroon 5 need to turn themselves around quick and release that "traditional" record that they supposedly wish to make and maybe look into a different record label.


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