10 things we learned from Maroon 5's Live Nation Q&A

Maroon 5 performing in 2012.
10 things we took from James' live Q&A on the Live Nation Facebook page

Earlier today (Fri, Nov. 13), Maroon 5 guitarist and co-founder James Valentine took a few hours out of his day to answer some fan questions on the official Live Nation Facebook page; following all of the recent excitement that Maroon 5 has revealed in the last few weeks including their highly anticipated 2016 North American tour with Tove Lo, PHASES, and R. City.

James Valentine here & Maroon 5 can't wait to hit the road on our 2016 tour. Ask your questions below & I'll answer as...
Posted by Live Nation on Friday, November 13, 2015

Valentine answered more than a few of the fan questions today and we are taking out 10 of the most valuable answers he gave. So let's take a look.

Q: Will you be adding any more dates/states to the tour? Detroit/Michigan? - Asked by Lena B.

A: These are all the dates for right now. . . . I wish we could get everywhere in the world but there's never enough time!!!! We love you all though???

Q: Would you guys ever consider doing meet and greets again? - Asked by Allie R.

A: Yes, we'll do them again. We'd like to set them up so we feel like we can actually connect with people. It's hard to make those personal with the amount of people and limited time. I hate for people to feel cheated by the experience. I had a really interesting experience being on the other side when I went to a meet and greet for Rush. Very trippy.

Q: Are there plans for a live album any time soon? - Asked by Hannah K.

A: Good idea. I'll bring that up with the band, it's probably time.

Q: Where do you see the band in 5 years? Perhaps experimenting with new sounds? - Asked by Maricielo G.

A: Great question. I think all of us want to make a more traditional record next... What do I mean by that? More like the way we made Songs About Jane, just sitting in a room with our instruments and slugging it out. It's been fun to experiment on the last couple of records with the more electronic sounds, but maybe we've gone as far as we can with that for now.

Q: Will the band be bringing in any surprise guest artists along this tour like Taylor Swift did on her 1989 tour? - Asked by Joanna K.

A: Well we will have some amazing musicians out there with us, like Tove Lo and our buddies Phases, maybe we'll do some collabos there. I don't think anyone will ever have as many guests as Taylor did this last tour!

Q: How has the dynamic of your guys' tours changed over the years and how do you expect or hope for it to continue to evolve? - Asked by Emma H.

A: It's much more comfortable these days. It's nice to not have to drive the van all night while everyone argues about whose turn it is to lay down. It's nice to not have to share a twin bed with Mickey. Although, those times were pretty fun.

Q: Hi James! Are you releasing a new album soon? - Asked by Juliane C.

A: I wouldn't say soon, we pretty much have been on the same wheel of release an album/tour/release an album/tour etc. etc. and right now is the first time in our adult lives we're not working on a new record, although we still have a lot of touring ahead.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the band's hit song SHE WILL BE LOVED & THIS LOVE? - Asked by Joanna K.

A: The music was inspired by Bossa Nova. The main guitar part is like bossa nova riff that has been straightened out (I can't swing like those dudes). . . Lyrically it was Adam observing his friend's devotion to a troubled girl. The friend is someone you guys know. Because he might be onstage with us.

Q: Will Maroon 5 consider videotaping one of your concerts so we can buy it and keep it, of course? - Asked by Edelweiss M.

A: We might record it digitally, I mean who has a VCR anymore?

Q: Do you and the band do anything specific before going out on stage before every show, like say some sort of crazy chant, etc? - Asked by Heather B.

A: Yes, we do a huddle! We put our hands in the middle and yell hoooo-rah. It's really dumb but we can't go onstage before completing this!

Maroon 5 recently announced their 2016 North American tour with supporting acts Tove Lo, R. City, and PHASES. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, November 14th, at 10am local time! Head to www.maroon5.com/2016USTour for more information!


  1. I would like to see them follow up on the promise of another "Songs About Jane" or "It Won't Be Soon Before Long." type of record. These are my two favorite albums from them. If the band just stop with the co writing and 20 different producers, I'll most likely really enjoy the next record.


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