SPOTLIGHT: Tilian releases dramatic new album 'Perfect Enemy'

Tilian Pearson performing in 2014.
Tilian Pearson gets emotional on his new studio album Perfect Enemy

Every now and then, I will post an article shining a spotlight on an artist and their new material that inspires me or thatI think deserves some attention from music fans. And today, I would like to shine that spotlight on someone who has inspired me for years and who I have been a fan of for a long time, Tilian Pearson.

You might be familiar with Tilian as the lead vocalist of his rock band Dance Gavin Dance or for his work with his former progressive rock group Tides of Man, but today (Fri, Nov. 27), the lovely pop singer-songwriter dropped his sophomore full-length, Perfect Enemy. An anthemic, dramatic, and emotional album composed of 12 well-written and clear quality songs, Perfect Enemy was recorded in September and was produced by music engineer Kris Crummett. Some songs show moments where Tilian gets explosive and sings about themes such as heartbreak, wishful thinking, and nostalgic memories. "Satellite" is a standout on the album for me, being one of the best songs I've heard all year and will be sure to make you miss your former lover. The album's lead single, "Tug Of War", is also a heart tugger.

You can buy Tilian's album, Perfect Enemy on iTunes Store here:

Stream Perfect Enemy on Spotify here:

Watch the music video for "Satellite" below:


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