Adam Levine is mentioned in new 3OH!3 song

3OH!3 (left) and Adam Levine.
Levine is in 3Oh!3's comeback single, but not in the best way

Last week, electropop group 3OH!3 announced their comeback with a new song, titled "My Dick", which may be the lead single off the group's forthcoming new album.

"My Dick" has lyrics that are strongly comedic and are (not) taken lightheartedly, and has been labelled "bizarre" by Music Times and "horrid" by several others. However, upon my first listen of the odd track, I hear Adam Levine's name being mentioned. 

"Ya dog, it’s motherfucking Kid Quizine
My dick gets bigger than Mr. Clean
So fresh you could swish it like Listerine
Your dick look like Adam Levine."

Woah. So yeah, our favorite Sexiest Man Alive is definitely not being praised in the new 3OH!3 track, but we can assume it's all in good fun.

3OH!3 became a famous and household name on pop radio in 2009 with their platinum single "Don't Trust Me." They later released their platinum-selling album Streets of Gold in 2010 and have worked with other recording artists such as Katy Perry, Kesha, and Lil Jon. They have been stylized as crunk, hip hop, pop rap, and comedy pop.

Take a listen to the song below:


  1. It's like a nobody talking about Adam and he doesn't give a fuck cause...who is it? my opinion this is a wasted post

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