Silent Pilot put pop punk spin on Maroon 5's 'Sugar'

Silent Pilot (left) and Adam Levine.
Silent Pilot mix Maroon 5 and pop punk in new "Sugar" cover

There has not been much news to report about Maroon 5 or Adam Levine since the exciting season 9 finale of The Voice happened last Monday, resulting in Levine and finalist Jordan Smith winning the show. But, I had come across multiple posts online of a band that covered one of Maroon 5's biggest hits and did it with style, originality, and spunk.

Silent Pilot, a pop punk and alternative rock band that began in San Francisco, California in 2014, had recently published a cover of Maroon 5's single "Sugar" and it was without a doubt excellent. If you are an avid fan of pop punk or pop rock, you will love this band's spin on their latest cover for "Sugar."

Silent Pilot releases original material as well. The band recently released their new single, titled "Illusions", last month and a three-track EP, titled Motions, back in May. You can check out the band's music on Bandcamp at!

Listen to Silent Pilot's cover of "Sugar" below:


  1. Is Maroon5 upset that Silent Pilot did a cover on Sugar or are they ok with it?

  2. This actually sucks. Although, if it was an original song maybe it'd have a chance

  3. I thought it was awesome. Don't be hatin'..


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