Adam Levine posts tweet and the world goes crazy

Adam Levine on The Voice.
A look back at Adam Levine's 2 craziest Twitter moments

Yesterday (Thursday, Jan. 7), Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine returned to Twitter. Even though his most recent post has left fans confused and off put, they are still hopeful that Levine will return to Twitter this year and tweet much more nonsense in the coming future.

If it's one thing we know Adam Levine loves to tweet about, it is definitely his opinion on today's popular music. "No more ironic flips of pop music into sad ballads in 2016 please," Levine tweeted out.

In the past, Levine hasn't held back anything when it comes to his personal opinion on music, or anything in general. In 2013, Levine took it to Twitter to tweet out something that allegedly was about pop superstar sensation Lady Gaga. "Ugh... recycling old art for a younger generation doesn't make you an artist. It makes you an art teacher," followed by, "I unabashedly love writing and performing pop music for both myself and everyone around me. That's it. It doesn't need any extra sauce." Gaga of course sought out to (indirectly) reply to his words, tweeting "Uh oh, guys. The art police is here." To that, Levine (indirectly) replied with "By the way, I'm not an artist. I sing in a band and I make music with my friends." He later even went on to tweet "Uh oh, guys. The grammar police is here." It was believed that Levien was taking a stab at Gaga's very over-the-top and dramatic approach at writing and performing pop music (in which I personally adore and love; being a fan of Gaga).

Adam's other most popular Twitter moments were when he appallingly tweeted at Fox News about the news channel playing Maroon 5's music as interludes between stories. Just under 2 years before the Lady Gaga feud, Levine took it to Twitter to tweet out: "Dear Fox News, don't play music on your evil f**king channel ever again. Thank you." Of course, a Fox News correspondent caught eye of the post and striked back as Fox News host Andrew "Andy" Levy tweeted: "Dear Adam Levine. Don't make don't make crappy f**king music ever again. Thank you." Another Fox News host, Gregory Gutfeld, also took a stab at Levine's comment, tweeting: "Dear Adam, that's not music. Fun joke: why did Maroon 5 cross the road? Because crappy music is legal there!" Fox News is notoriously known for their Republican-laden views and conservative-biased news broadcasts and, with Levine being a proud Democrat, took offense to Fox's use of Maroon 5's music.

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