James Valentine introduces new guitar project

James Valentine modeling the Valentine Guitar series.
Maroon 5 guitarist is welcoming a new brand of guitars in 2016

Maroon 5 guitarist and former JJAMZ (currently known as PHASES) guitarist James Valentine has been working on a lowkey project this past year, according to his official Instagram post.

Earlier today (Sun, Jan 10), James Valentine posted to his official Instagram that he had "been working on a secret project this past year..." with the hashtags "#ErnieBallMusicMan" and "#ValentineGuitar."

James Valentine is set to put out his new model of guitars, currently titled the Valentine Guitar, sometime during the year. A sneak peek of the project was published onto the Ernie Ball forum today as well featuring photos of selected Valentine Guitars. You can view the sneak peek by clicking here.

Selected members of Maroon 5 have been staying seemingly busy aside from the band's touring and writing. Aside from Valentine's forthcoming Valentine Guitar brand launch, bass guitarist Mickey Madden is set to release his debut full-length record with his new music project Collapsing Scenery later this year. Keyboardist PJ Morton is touring as a solo musician with his band The Crusade and is scheduled to release his second major label album later this year. Jesse Carmichael will be writing and recording music under his new musical project Jesse R√łyal. Adam Levine will be serving as a coach and mentor on NBC's reality television show The Voice for its 10th season come February, will further pursue his acting career, and is launching his untitled reality hidden-camera show through NBC later this year.

Maroon 5 is set to tour North America this fall with supporting acts Tove, PHASES, and R. City! Go get tickets at www.maroon5.com/maroonvtour now.


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