Top 7 Maroon 5 moments of 2015

Maroon 5 in 2014.
From the domination of "Sugar" to Adam's bleached blonde hair

2015 was an awe-inspiring year for Los Angeles pop rock outfit Maroon 5 and they've had numerous accomplishments throughout the past year, but some moments flew over some of our heads.

7. Adam Levine's hair evolution of 2015

If it's anything any fan of Adam Levine or Maroon 5 hate a lot, it's Adam's random and erratic hair transformations. Adam came into 2015 with a full head of beautiful dark hair and fans were absolutely shocked to find out that Levine shaved his entire head over the summer and debuted his bald ambition upon the season 9 premiere of The Voice. A few months later and only weeks after the season 9 finale in December, Levine reintroduced his bleached blonde hair style. Some fans were outraged, horrified, and nauseate over Levine's choice, however some were excited to see him return to his freaky, punk-boy blonde look. Levine performed with Maroon 5 during their 2 Las Vegas New Years Eve shows with the blonde look and made for more excitement. We can only imagine what Adam will choose to do during 2016 with his hair.

6. Adam Levine getting flour-bombed

Before the hype that was Maroon 5's "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherfu**er" back in May, Adam Levine was scheduled to be interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Maroon 5 were set to perform as the musical guest. But, before the taping of the show, Levine decided to go sign some autographs outside of the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood when all of the sudden some dude flour-bombed Adam right in the face. Leaked videos from fans' cell phones showed that Levine was clearly angered and body gaurds quickly pulled Adam away from the scene. The man who allegedly bombed Levine was arrested for battery.

5. Maroon 5 took over Las Vegas

Like the past few years, Maroon 5 decided to spend the final 2 nights of 2015 performing headlining shows at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. The supporting act for both nights were guitarist James Valentine old band, PHASES (formerly known as JJAMZ). Maroon 5 performed a 17 song set to 12,000 people.

4. Jesse Carmichael upsets China

Maroon 5 were forced to cancel their anticipated headlining shows in China in September earlier this year, but the reason for that was never ever confirmed. However, it was speculated among several people that it could have been because of a tweet that member Jesse Carmichael sent out on the Fourth of July. Jesse reportedly tweeted out: "Happy Birthday America (and The Dalai Lama too) sang happy birthday to his holiness today." Time Out Beijing magazine later published a statement stating: "We hear musings about Maroon 5 being prevented from performing by our political friends up above." Long story short, Carmichael's tweet may have offended many and kept the band from performing in Beijing and Shanghai this year.

3. Adam Levine gets turned down

It's safe to say that if you walk up to anyone on the street and ask them what their celebrity crush is, they'd reply saying "Adam Levine" or "that one guy from Maroon 5" or "the dude from The Voice, but no the country guy." And it is evident that if you would have asked 3 year old Mila, then you would get one of the above answers. A video went viral of Mila crying after her mother recorded her reaction of learning that Levine was a married man. Ellen DeGeneres got ahold of it and asked Mila and her mother to come in and make fun out of the situation. Then wham! A surprise visit from Adam sent Mila into an awkward state. After Adam handed the little girl a flower and asked for a hug, she denied it all. It was clear Mila was over Mr. Levine.

2. "This Summer" hurt like a motherfu**er

According to the boys in Maroon 5, they predicted that your summer of 2015 was going to hurt. In some way. The band released their single "This Summer's Gonna Hurt", in promotion for their re-release of V, in late May. It's somewhat controversial music video was taken down after being flagged for showing Adam Levine's bare naked ass in the beginning of the video for a mere 4 seconds. The band reuploaded the video and sparked the #1 trending Twitter topic #FuckCensorship. According to Music Times, the song "[...] takes on breakups, with Levine decrying his ex-girlfriend for being shallow and "fancy" all while admitting that being without her is going to make this summer kind of suck." Maroon 5 performed the single on The Voice and eventually charted at #10 on the Mainstream Chart.

1. "Sugar" dominated radio

Maroon 5 had one of the biggest and most popular singles on the radio in 2015. "Sugar", the third single cut from the band's fifth studio album V, was launched to contemporary radio almost an entire year ago in January and was accompanied with one of the most viewed music videos of 2015. A disco, funk-pop, and soul track, "Sugar" charted in the top 10 in over 20 countries worldwide including hitting #1 in Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Venezuela, among several others. In the United States, "Sugar" peaked atop the Adult Top 40 and Mainstream Songs chart, and charted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart, selling 3.5 millions singles in the United States. The song was later remixed featuring a sweet rap verse by Nicki Minaj which launched the single into mainstream once again in the spring. The music video, directed by David Dobkin (who directed the comedy Wedding Crashers), featured Maroon 5 crashing random weddings throughout Los Angeles and documented them. Despite their being controversy about the weddings in the music video being staged, "Sugar" received 960 million views as of December 31, 2015 and became the 2nd most watched music video of the year.

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