5 famous faces behind popular Maroon 5 songs

Mike Posner (left), Adam Levine, and Nate Ruess.
Mike Posner and Nate Ruess are some of many famous faces behind Maroon 5's hits

If you're a hardcore Maroon 5 fan, specially for the past 5 some years, you know that the L.A. pop band has grown from being everyone's favorite alternative rock and pop rock band to radio's hottest boy band-y group. Adam Levine's name has become a household name aside from Maroon 5's fame thanks to NBC's hit show The Voice and has made a name for himself in the movie and television industry (starring as Leo in American Horror Story and as David Kohl in 2014's Begin Again). But ever since Maroon 5 ventured into treacherous pop territory, they have worked with an amalgam of famous producers and songwriters in the music business to help make their greatest hit singles.

Sure, hits like the 2012 single "One More Night" and 2011's "Moves Like Jagger" were co-written by big name producers Shellback and Max Martin, but we on this list, we are talking about other popular artists whom have helped Maroon 5 catter huge hits on pop radio and so forth, such as the long forgotten 3OH!3 member Nathaniel Motte and his work on "Love Somebody" and One Republic's Ryan Tedder's work on "Lucky Strike."

Let's start the list.

Mike Posner

You may remember this name from way back in 2010 when he made a name for himself as the "Cooler Than Me" singer. Mike Posner, now more famous for being a songwriter and producer for other popular artists, contributed heavily in the creative process of Maroon 5's hit single "Sugar", the third contemporary single from the band's fifth studio effort V (2014). "Sugar" was originally written by Posner for an album that he had eventually tossed out due to his label not being open to releasing it as his own single. But it was years after Posner lent his tossed-out single "Boyfriend" to Justin Bieber in 2012 that Maroon 5 took "Sugar" from Posner and made it their own.

As far as mainstream success goes, "Sugar" went on to become one of the best-selling and most streamed songs of 2015. The hit topped the U.S. Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Songs and Adult Top 40 Songs charts and peaked in the top 10 in over a dozen countries worldwide, including charting at No. 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The song's music video became one of the most controversial, most-viewed videos of 2015 reaching over 1.1 billion views on Vevo and YouTube.

Mike Posner released his breakthrough debut studio album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, in 2010, which launched the chart-topping hit "Cooler Than Me." Ever since, Posner slowly faded in behind the scenes and began writing and producing for other huge artists such as Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, and Cher Lloyd. Posner will release his long awaited sophomore studio album, At Night, Alone. this May which will feature 2 versions of his current hit single "I Took a Pill In Ibiza."

Nate Ruess

Nate Ruess is a man of alternative smarts. Originally and most famously known for being the frontman of indie afrobeat trio fun., Ruess ventured into his solo career a little over a year ago and has since lent some of his spiritual, emotional songwriting and production to other artists. For example, Maroon 5's "Leaving California", one of the most underrated tracks on the band's fifth album, V. "Leaving California" was never a single from Maroon 5's playbook, but it definitely goes down in history as one of the better songs from V.


Yes. In case you didn't know, pop music's most mysterious woman, Sia, was the biggest mastermind behind Maroon 5's critically acclaimed song "My Heart Is Open." The pop-piano ballad was produced and mixed by the world famous producer Rodney Jerkins and features No Doubt's frontwoman Gwen Stefani (who also coaches alongside Adam Levine on NBC's The Voice). Before the song received major production from Jerkins and Benny Blanco, "My Heart Is Open" was almost completely written for Sia's then-forthcoming studio album, This Is Acting (2016). Once the song was introduced to Maroon 5's James Valentine and Adam Levine, the two rewrote and reworked the song's lyrics to fit Levine's perspective. Rather than releasing it as a single from V, the band left it as the album's closer track.

Nathaniel Motte

Much like Posner, Nathaniel Motte is nowadays more famously known for working behind the scenes of other popular artists' hit singles. Motte contributed to Maroon 5's 2013 hit single "Love Somebody", from the band's fourth studio album, Overexposed (2012). "Love Somebody" was also crafted by other writers such as Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and Noel Zancanella, who have each contributed heavily in Maroon 5's music aside from this single. But it was Motte who shaped the song into its original form.

Nathaniel Motte is known for being one of the two goofy members in the crunk-pop duo 3OH!3. The group made a household name of themselves back in the early 2010's with their hit singles "My First Kiss", with Ke$ha, and "Don't Trust Me." Nowadays, 3OH!3 are trying to get their momento back after their last album Omens (2013) became a flop and produced no hits. The duo's next studio album, Night Sports, is set to drop this May.

Ryan Tedder

One of the most popular songwriters known to contribute to Maroon 5's recent work is Ryan Tedder of One Republic fame. The multi-instrumentalist first provided his songwriting abilities to Maroon 5 in 2012 with their single "Love Somebody." He also contributed in "Lucky Strike", the funky dance-pop tune from Overexposed. Tedder returned as producer and songwriter on Maroon 5's fifth album V on the hit single "Maps", and the track "New Love." "Maps" and "Love Somebody" went on to become some of Maroon 5's greatest hit singles of the past 3 years.


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