A timeline of Maroon 5's new project

Maroon 5 in 2015.
For those confused about what Adam Levine and Maroon 5 are saying about their new music, here's a simple and basic timeline of what's going on.

May 2015

Maroon 5 released a new single out of blue, "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherfucker", last May. The single promoted the band's re-issue of their fifth studio effort, V, which included the new song. After the poor response from the band's follow-up single "Feelings" in September, it's safe to say that "This Summer" was the last successful hit from the V era.

November 2015

James Valentine, longtime Maroon 5 guitarist, hosted a live Q&A session through Live Nation's official Facebook account in November of last year and answered dozens of fan questions. Valentine responded to a fan's question concerning the next Maroon 5 album, to which he replied, "I think all of us want to make a more traditional record next. What do I mean by that? More like the way we made Songs About Jane, just sitting in a room with our instruments and slugging it out. It's been fun to experiment on the last couple of records with the more electronic sounds, but maybe we've gone as far as we can with that for now."

April 2016

Adam Levine first spoke directly about the new Maroon 5 project in an interview with Entertainment Weekly backstage at NBC's The Voice. After being asked what the status of the next Maroon 5 "album" was, Levine responded with "Not an album right now, but maybe a song. Got to keep the kids interested, we have something going on right now." Levine further explained, "It's out soon. It's coming. It's on the way. It's in the incubator."

Just days later, Levine was a special guest on Live! with Kelly and Michael. He spoke about the exciting news about his soon-to-be daughter he's having with wife Behati Prinsloo, his future on NBC's The Voice, and of course the new Maroon 5 project. After being asked "Now do you guys have any plans of putting out new music as Maroon 5?", Levine responded with, "We are working on some stuff right now [...] It's tough. The Voice is happening, we're in and out of the studio. Baby stuff is happening."

He then went on to plug his brand new solo song, "Go Now", for the John Carney movie Sing Street. You can listen to "Go Now" available on Apple Music.

The same day, on April 29, Adam Levine spilled some more beans on the new Maroon 5 project on the Today Show. Matt Lauer asked Levine about where the band stands currently on new music. The singer replied, "We're doing stuff. We're kind of in and out of the studio right now."

May 2016

As of the publishing of this article - May 2, 2016 - nothing has been said yet about a new Maroon 5 album or song this month, however the group is giving fans reason to believe that something special is definitely coming. They is touring later this year in the U.S. with Tove Lo, PHASES, and R. City, which is already a given, but aside from what James and Adam have been revealing, the band updated all of their social media accounts on May 2 with new logos and fonts, giving fans more reason to be excited.

Taking past new music revealings and announcements into consideration, whenever Maroon 5 publishes new logo content, new music comes out soon after. Last year, "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherfucker" was heavily teased for weeks prior to its official release on May 15, 2015; cover artwork, new logos, and radio promo banners were revealed ahead of time. Same with "Maps" in 2014, before stating that new music was actually coming out, the band teased with new photos and artsy videos online. Alas, the social media updates can only be speculated since they don't confirm new music is coming.

And as social media savvy the band seems to be, Maroon 5's Jesse Carmichael and James Valentine do love to share exclusive in studio footage of what they're working on. Jesse has shared numerous studio clips on his official Instagram account, like this photo below.

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  1. IF Maroon 5 was going to release some new music or a new song after this, I feel like it would be some stuff cut from V, with what they've updated their social media with. But, it is true that there might not be anything significant about it.


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