Maroon 5 star in new documentary, 'Instruments of Change'

Jesse Carmichael performing with Maroon 5 in Milan in 2016.
James Valentine and Jesse Carmichael are featured in the new impactful documentary

It was revealed earlier this month that Maroon 5 guitarists James Valentine and Jesse Carmichael were involved in the shooting of the mini-documentary Instruments of Change.

The 20-minute documentary focuses on James and Jesse venturing out into the rainforest with alternative rock band Guster's Adam Gardner and his wife, Lauren Sullivan, who each founded Reverb (a non-profit organization that aims to educate and engage musicians and their fans to promote environmental sustainability). The film follows the group out into the rainforest to show how some communities are using sustainable forest management to combat illegal logging, which is causing devastation around the globe to people and the environment.

The film premiered on Tuesday night (May, 17) at the Grammy Museum and was followed by a live Facebook broadcast held by Reverb.

Watch the broadcast from last night below.

Also, here's the trailer for the documentary below:


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