Maroon 5's 'Love Somebody' surpasses 100 million views

A still from Maroon 5's video for "Love Somebody" (2013).
"Love Somebody" has achieved over 100 million views on Vevo

Maroon 5's iconic 2013 music video for "Love Somebody" has now surpassed the 100 million view count this week joining the 9 other videos on the list of Maroon 5 music videos that have achieved the feat of reaching 100 million views.

"Love Somebody" served as the fourth international commercial single off of Maroon 5's platinum-selling fourth studio album, Overexposed (2012). The music video for "Love", directed by Rich Lee, premiered on May 21, 2013 and reached a million views within its first two weeks.

The music video for the pop rock band's hit single "Sugar" achieved a massive feat earlier this year, reaching over 1 billion views, becoming Maroon 5's first ever Vevo certified video, and becoming their most viewed to date. The video for "Sugar" has an enormous lead over the Maroon 5's second-most watched video, "One More Night", which currently sits at 517,692,615 views.

The last Maroon 5 music video to achieve over 100 million views was their video for "Makes Me Wonder", from their sophomore studio effort It Won't Be Soon Before Long (2007).

Here's the list of the top 10 most viewed Maroon 5 music videos:
1. "Sugar", 1,238,399,181 views
2. "One More Night", 517,692,605 views
3. "Moves Like Jagger", 403,553,380 views
4. "Payphone", 301,623,975 views
5. "She Will Be Loved", 297,768,744 views
6. "Animals", 277,241,333 views
7. "Maps", 271,632,132 views
8. "Misery", 249,223,439 views
9. "Makes Me Wonder", 103,733,345 views
10. "Love Somebody", 100,230,184 views

All the above data was collected from Vevo. The list excludes lyric videos and audio videos.

Watch the music video for "Love Somebody" below:


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