June 25 is declared Maroon 5 day

Maroon 5.
Maroon 5 declare June 25 as #Maroon5Day as it marks the 14th anniversary of Songs About Jane

On June 25, it will mark 14 years since pop band Maroon 5's breakthrough debut studio effort, Songs About Jane, was released worldwide.

In honor of the band's 14 year anniversary since the album's groundbreaking release, members Jesse Carmichael and James Valentine have released a call to action video supporting the organization UNICEF USA.

Read the band's statement below:
"We want to celebrate this milestone by asking you to join us and help UNICEF USA reach kids in need. We’re blown away by the work UNICEF does to provide health care, water, education, and emergency relief to the children who need it the most. We want to give every child the chance to fulfill their potential, whether they want to compose music, discover scientific breakthroughs, or be a leader in their community."

Here's the band's post on Facebook below.


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