Maroon 5 and Rick Astley mashup goes viral

This weird new mashup of Rick Astley and Maroon 5's hits has gone viral

One of the best, yet strangest mashups in Internet history has just gone viral, thanks to TRONICBOX, a Youtuber who remixes modern day contemporary hit singles with songs from the 1980's.

In this new mashup, an a capella version of Maroon 5's 2015 hit single "Sugar" is remixed with the instrumentation from Rick Astley's 1987 single "Never Gonna Give You Up." The latter song is known to be one of the Internet's first known trolling videos, also known as "Rick Rolling."

TRONICBOX hasn't left much information about himself online, however his YouTube channel also has 1980's remixes of Justin Bieber's "What Do U Mean?" and "Love Yourself", Ariana Grande's "One Last Time", and a polka version of OMI's single "Cheerleader."

You can watch and hear all of his remixes here:

Hear "Sugar - Rick Levine" below:


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