Circuit Jerks release debut, 'EP1'

Jesse Carmichael performing with Maroon 5 in 2016. Photo by Travis Schneider.
Jesse Carmichael's synthy musical side project release EP1

Maroon 5 founding member, former keyboardist, and current guitarist Jesse Carmichael just released his debut release under his current musical side project, Circuit Jerks, titled EP1 on Friday (Sept. 9).

The release consists of five tracks, two of which was remixes of the Maroon 5 hit singles "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf*cker", and of "Maps". Another is a remix of Ary Barroso's song "Brazil", and the final two tracks on the EP are roughly hour-and-a-half long experimental analog-inspired interpretations.

Circuit Jerks consists of Maroon 5's Jesse Carmichael and succeeds his other musical side project 1863, a rock-inspired outfit.

Purchase Circuit Jerks' EP1 on Apple Music:

Stream Circuit Jerks' new EP1 below:


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