2016 Billboard Year-End Charts: Where does Maroon 5 stand?

Maroon 5 in 2016.
The list of 2016 Billboard Year-End charts were published on Thursday

Despite constant touring and preparation for their highly anticipated sixth studio album, due to be released in the next year, Interscope Records group Maroon 5 have had quite the quiet year on the Billboard charts. Their only release in 2016, "Don't Wanna Know", was a controversial yet commercially successful single, but it was released too late in the year to impact the charts long-term. Yet, Maroon 5 still managed to attend the Billboard year-end charts of 2016.

Let's see where they landed.

Top Artists of 2016:
Maroon 5 - 79

Top Billboard 200 Albums of 2016:
V, Maroon 5 - 113

Top Contemporary Songs of 2016:
"Locked Away", R. City featuring Adam Levine - 26
"Sugar", Maroon 5 - 27

Top Contemporary Artists of 2016:
Maroon 5 - 12

For the full list of the Billboard Year-End charts for 2016, click below:

Watch the music video for "Don't Wanna Know":


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