Maroon 5 to evolve on new 'R&B-influenced' album

Adam Levine photographed by L.A. Times in 2016.
Lead vocalist Adam Levine reveals to radio show that Maroon 5 is making R&B-influenced music

While on a family vacation in Mexico, Maroon 5 lead vocalist and The Voice coach Adam Levine called in to radio station 94.7 Fresh-FM to speak on The Tommy Show about the band's new path to making R&B music, how "Don't Wanna Know" came about, working with Kendrick Lamar, and much more.

Last month, in December, posts and leaked footage of Adam Levine working on a music video with rapper Future and other collaborators surfaced online. The song accompanied with the video being shot is tentatively titled "Cold", and has definitely become a controversial topic among music critics and fans alike. A snippet of the song can be heard in a leaked video posted on Instagram, in which the song sounds like it's held by a bouncy, hip-hop beat. This information has now been closer to being confirmed as Levine revealed the band is collaborating with "successful" artists to make a more R&B-inspired album.

Our highlights from the interview are posted below, but you may listen to the radio show interview with Adam Levine in its entirety as well.

On working with Kendrick Lamar on "Don't Wanna Know":

"Kendrick was kind of like the icing on the cake. He came in later on and just absolutely destroyed it. He's one of the best [...] This guy is the future, you know?"

On working with other songwriters:

"Well, I used to do it on my own and then I started getting help and I've been lucky and fortunate enough to write with some amazing songwriters. To be totally truthful, I don't like [to write as much] as I used to. My secret would probably be staying as humble as possible because you can't do it forever on your own. You know once I started to open up my mind to working with other writers, the success kind of started continuing to move forward. Look, you can't always be a 21 year old heartbroken kid. And I think that in order to write your best material, and you're gonna do it alone, you have to dig super deep in able to do it alone. It's all about timing."

On the state of Maroon 5's new album:

"[The album will come out] soonish, I think. I don't ever want to let the concept of the album die because I think that albums are really important [...] but I will say this, we do have an amazing collection of songs that we've been compiling for about six months and I think is some of our best material ever and I actually think it's going in a much more... look since I was 20, I've always wanted to make an R&B record. And I will tell you it is starting to lean more and more in that direction. So, it's gonna be, I think, our best collection of songs. As to when each of them will come out, and how, I don't know yet because we're still just recording them individually and probably gonna release a couple more before we put an album out, but I will say that I've never been more excited about the material that we have at this point."

On the current state of the album's collaborations:

"I genuinely believe the people who I am working with right now are basically the best, the only people anyone should be working with. They've succeeded to a certain degree but at the same time still are much more approved and we're all just super hungry and I think they're making the best music out there. And with what we bring to the table and what they bring to the table, it's a really special combination. We've never narrowed it down to [a small team]. We're going small this time [...] we're gonna have very minimal outside people come in and there's really a nice self-focused team."


  1. This could be either really good or bad. Songs About Jane was R&B influenced in an actual R&B/blue eyed soul kinda way. If this is like the new sleazy sounding R&B, then I'll be passing on the new album. Really hoping for the former.

  2. I just hope they give me something i never listened to but that reminds me of the old. A combination, like V was.


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