Maroon 5 to release 'urban'-inspired 'Cold' single in February

The band will be teasing a new song and video in the coming weeks

UPDATE: 11:54a.m. CT, 2/10/16:

It has now been revealed that Maroon 5 will release their new single, "Cold", featuring Future, a day ahead of their TV performance on Ellen, on Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine's Day at midnight EST.

UPDATE: 9:20p.m. CT, 2/07/16

It has been confirmed that Maroon 5 will be releasing a new single, "Cold", featuring rapper Future, on February 17th to digital retailers (iTunes, Google Play, ect.) and on February 21st for contemporary and top 40 radio airplay in the U.S. A music video is expected to premiere on Vevo the same week. "Cold" will follow-up the band's 2016 Billboard Pop Songs No. 1 single "Don't Wanna Know", featuring Kendrick Lamar, and will serve as a stand-alone single.

ORIGINAL POST: 3:16p.m. CT, 2/07/16

Maroon 5 will be releasing a new single this month, according to reports from multiple radio and label sources. Earlier this week, Hip Hop 'N More and radio personality Sean Ross have revealed that the new single, currently titled "Cold", and allegedly featuring rapper Future, will be seeing a February 21st release this month.

Speculation of a new Maroon 5 song titled "Cold" first surfaced in December of last year. It was first reported that a music video was being filmed, starring fitness guru and music video producer Kerstin Schulze, in downtown Los Angeles. Schulze, who posted on Twitter but later took it down on Instagram of herself and Adam Levine on the set, said about the shoot "It was such as pleasure to work with [Adam Levine] on his new Maroon 5 music video 'Cold'." The post continued to read "he is an athlete himself and we shared knowledge on training and what it takes to be mentally and physically fit."

Images and behind the scenes video footage leaked onto the Internet the following day by film maker and producer Danny Boy who shared a photo of him and Levine on the set of the alleged music video. Danny Boy also said in one of his Instagram post descriptions that rapper Future was to be apart of the project.

A fan account collected online media of behind-the-scenes footage of the music video shoot. In the 15-second music video, you are able to hear the blaring bass and urban-inspired sounds of the song whilst Levine crooning "I don't understand why you're so cold". You can check out the video posted below.

Now, more assuring news from more professional sources have surfaced on Monday (Feb. 6). One radio personality, Sean Ross, who is a radio programmer and newsletter editor, reported Monday that Maroon 5's new single "Cold" is set to be released on February 21st. His tweet confirms "Label add date for @maroon5 "Cold" Feb. 21, which usually means release about Feb. 17."

Maroon 5 also have been tweeting photos from behind-the-scenes of the "Cold" music video. You can check one of the photos out below.

So, could this finally be what all the excitement was about? Are we finally getting this "Cold" song and music video? More details to come in the coming days.

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  1. Oh no. Can't we just call these Adam Levine singles. The snippet I heard has no signs of an actual band being involved. And Future??? Ugh. I hope this is also a stand alone single. I want a soulful and jazzy type R&B from them, not a sleazy and uninspired R&B. This band has tested my patience for years now, but this could be the last straw.

  2. So true, hope the new album is more like a jazzy style

  3. This is the last single before a new era.
    Shouldn't judge until next album which this single doesnt concern

    1. As long as these are standalone singles, this does make me feel a little better. But it still bothers me that they are potentially tainting their discography with these singles.


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