PJ Morton announces new solo album, 'Gumbo'

Photo by Travis Schneider.
GUMBO will follow-up the Maroon 5 keyboardist's 2013 album New Orleans

Maroon 5 keyboardist, singer, songwriter, and Morton Recordings owner PJ Morton is finally releasing a new solo album this spring, titled GUMBO. The album is set to be released on April 21st, 2017 through his label.

In an interview with music, gossip, and culture website Saint Heron, Morton spoke about his new single, "Claustrophobic", and the details about his new record GUMBO. "Of course, it's a New Orleans reference. It’s something that represents the city," said Morton after being asked about the album's title. "Prior to this, all of my music has been about love and relationships. I LOVE love, but this time around I address the climate of the world right now. I discuss how divided America is, the racial tension, and then there is “Claustrophobic,” which touches on creative freedom. I also talk about my religion on the album. I thought it was a pot of gumbo because I was mixing a bunch of things together."

GUMBO is set to be released Friday, April 21st through Morton Recordings.

You can stream and listen to PJ Morton's new single "Claustrophobic", featuring Pell, now available on Apple Music!

Listen to it here:


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