'Earth to Move': Hear the unearthed Maroon 5 song

Listen to the dance-pop impacting "Earth to Move"

Maroon 5 fans were graced with a never before heard of, unreleased song by the pop band, entitled "Earth to Move", which leaked earlier this summer. A dance-pop influenced track, "Earth to Move" has been conjectured by critics and fans alike as a throwaway song from Maroon 5's Overexposed recording sessions.

According to Wikimedia, the song was recorded at Conway Recording Studios, where most of Maroon 5's music of the last five years has been composed, and was produced by Swedish record producer Shellback and co-written by lead singer Adam Levine, Shellback, and Ammar Malik ("Moves Like Jagger", "Stereo Hearts"). 

If the song ever saw a completely composed master, "Earth to Move" would have easily dominated top-forty and mainstream radio formats worldwide. It has been compared to Maroon 5's past No. 1 hit single "Moves Like Jagger" (2011) and the Overexposed disco-tinged cuts "Doin' Dirt" and "Tickets".

The track, which runs 3 minutes and 33 seconds, became unearthed on June 11 of this year. It was leaked among numerous other tracks by other popular artists such as Kanye West and PARTYNEXTDOOR, by hacker group Music Mafia. Taken from a SPIN Magazine article in June, here is what the publication had to say about "Earth to Move" and tracks like it:
Whoever is behind Music Mafia isn’t releasing the tunes out of the kindness of their hearts. The site also lists several song titles alongside links to Bitcoin wallets, with the implication that the songs will be made available for download once an unspecified donation goal is reached. These are “Can U Be” by Kanye West, “Don’t Tell Me” by PARTYNEXTDOOR featuring Jeremih, “Earth to Move” by Maroon 5, and “Convicts,” a song that appears to be by a Dutch DJ named Quintino. As Complex notes, Travis Scott teased a video of Kanye dancing to a song called “Can U Be” on Instagram in 2016.
We may never know the true story behind "Earth to Move", but we are thankful it somehow submerged onto the Internet for fans to hear. It's quite the catchy tune.

▶️ Listen to Maroon 5 - Earth to Move.

In other news, Maroon 5 are set to release their highly anticipated sixth studio album in November later this year. Adam Levine confirmed this news during his acceptance speech at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, after receiving the Decade Award for Maroon 5. “Thank you. Our sixth and final album is coming out in November," Levine told the crowd. He quickly calmed his fans, though, after uttering such bittersweet news. "Man, I'm joking. We are never gonna go away", he added.

Adam Levine, who recently launched his his own personal Snapchat, added a video of himself on the set of brand new Maroon 5 music video for their upcoming single on his story. Levine was seen slung up in a hospital bed surrounded by nurses in a room full of green screens.

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