11 things we learned from Maroon 5's Q&A

Travis Schneider

Maroon 5's James Valentine and Jesse Carmichael hosted a Q&A on Twitter and had some awesome answers

In the wake of releasing their highly anticipated sixth studio album Red Pill Blues, and coming off of a lot of press during this week, Maroon 5 guitarists James Valentine and Jesse Carmichael hosted a public video-format Q&A session on Twitter Friday evening. There were some pretty interesting questions with some interesting answers, so we thought why not sum up a brief overview of the entire session?

Q: Is there a European tour already planned? (from @shamoneari)

James Valentine told fans to "sit tight" as Maroon 5 are "in the planning stages" for a European leg of the Red Pill Blues tour. Get ready, Euro fans.

Q: Fav song on this new album? (from @chrixswook)

James said that his favorite song off of Maroon 5's Red Pill Blues was indeed the lead single, "What Lovers Do", featuring SZA.

Q: What song on this album do you connect with the most? (from @hoohoosmosh)

Jesse Carmichael says "Help Me Out" is the most relatable song off the new album to him. "Help me out, *tisk tisk tisk*".

Q: How did you decide which band member got which Snapchat filter? (from @ashelylevintine)

James confirmed that longtime photographer and collaborator Travis Schneider is the sole designer for the Red Pill Blues album cover art (that's ever so controversial among fans and critics, alike). Schneider also designed the single cover art for the singles "What Lovers Do", "Whiskey", and "Wait".

Q: Can you give us a hint about your next single (from @amisocool)

James confirms that Maroon 5's next radio single is... "WAIT". The song will follow-up "What Lovers Do", featuring SZA, and is expected to impact radio airplay soon.

Q: What song are you guys most looking forward to playing on tour? (from @isarah2003)

Jesse gives fans hope that Maroon 5 may be playing "Best 4 You", "Wait", and "What Lovers Do" on the setlist for the upcoming tour by saying those are his favorites he can't wait to play. Hearing "Wait" live would be... incredible.

Q: Do you think you will release some discarded songs from Red Pill Blues? (from @sweetmaroon3r)

"For the 30th anniversary box set, I don't know, we'll probably release everything someday", James alludes to possibly releasing demos and unreleased tracks from the new album someday.

Q: Is this the last album? (from @brenduh222)

A very simple question with a pretty simple answer from James. "Doubt it!"

Q: A moment that you will always remember from the album's production? (from @grantgusitin)

James gives his favorite moments from the recording sessions of Red Pill Blues, like the time him and producer Ricky Reed played around with guitar pedals.

Q: Do you think you'll retreat to Switzerland to record a record again? (from @sweetmaroon3r)

"I don't know we'll ever go away that long again to record a record because we did go a little crazy", James says about repeating a journey overseas to write another album.

Q: What do you love most about Marooners? (from @downeyfive)

Awh, James says he loves us!

Maroon 5's new album Red Pill Blues is now available everywhere worldwide. You can order it on iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play and Target, and can stream it on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. Purchase physical copies and vinyl bundles at the Maroon 5 store.

Tickets to see Maroon 5 with special guest Julia Michaels on the 2018 Red Pill Blues Tour are now available to purchase for the general public.

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