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A little about me: My name is River. I live in Minnesota, USA. I currently am attending a community college to pursue my degree in videography, photography, and illustration. I grew up falling in love with music of all kinds (with the exception of country music). Out of all of the things I listened to growing up in Junior High, Maroon 5 grew on me and became my favorite music group of all time.

Why I started this community: I started Maroon 5 News Room mainly to connect easily with online users who are, like myself, fans of Maroon 5 and Adam Levine. Instead of sharing random posts, photos, videos and such of the band, I decided to share actual news and start a blog around this community. I created a Twitter and Facebook page in 2010 to help further spread word of M5 News Room. Before you knew it, I had over 20,000 followers including an Adam, James, and Maroon 5 follow on Twitter.

What do I consider myself: I do NOT consider myself a professional news reporter or Internet mogul of sorts. I DO consider myself someone who is dedicated to Maroon 5 and treats their fans with the utmost respect, for I would like to be treated the same. Remember, I am just like one of you. 

Where do I get my sources: I report on news that is relatively important to those who consider themselves "hardcore" fans of Maroon 5 or even just loosely follow the band or follow my Twitter account/like my Facebook page. If rumors are surfacing about the band or its members, I will report on it from a perspective of a fan: meaning I will NOT confirm or deny rumors. REMEMBER, I only know just as much as you. To further elaborate, I get my sources from online celebrity websites, Maroon 5's community news page, and Maroon 5's S.I.N. website, which ANYONE can easily get sources from. 

Do I get paid to run M5 News Room: Simple question, simple answer. No.

Contract Me:

Personal E-Mail: riverstumpf@gmail.com
Personal Twitter: twitter.com/SeriouslyRiver

M5 News Room E-Mail: handsalloveronline@gmail.com
M5 News Room Twitter: twitter.com/m5newsroom
M5 News Room Facebook: facebook.com/maroon5news


  1. Hi River - I had no clue M5Newsroom was a "person", heh! And you get updates directly from the official SIN fanclub site - very cool. And you're just a freakin' KID!!! (Sorry, but I'm old enough that I'm allowed to say that). :-)

    Well, I find your FB M5 updates very interesting. I'll be looking back over your blog archive as time permits. Keep up the great work - and try to find a way to somehow monetize your success if you can - you deserve it!
    Don Knieriem

  2. Hello, River! I was amazed that you're young enough to be my son. I'm in Minnesota, too...Central. I went with my family to the town where you live a couple years ago. Take care and thank you for doing these!!

  3. Hi River, i'm Dhela from Indonesia. Follow me back if you want to learn a little bit about me. follow on @Iteung99 thank's :) i hope u want to be my new friend

  4. You do a great job. Thanks for sharing your story and best wishes.

  5. I appreciate your blog very much and hope you never stop. Best of luck with school!

  6. Good morning River from Chesapeake,Virginia, love your name. I am Mama-MeMaw Jean and old enough to be your MeMaw. This MeMaw Loves Maroon 5 and Adam Levine. Enjoy your post thanks for keeping the fans up to date.

  7. Well done for a fan site...well done!


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